Jeton eWallet Online Casino

Jeton eWallet Online Casino: In this review, we want to tell you about Jeton Wallet, a payment system that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. We will look at the key features of the service and its benefits for gamblers, and break down the rules for registration, replenishment, and withdrawal. The maximum squeeze of valuable information for you – read and play with pleasure!

Jeton eWallet Online Casinos in Ukraine

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What is Jeton eWallet? Short review

Jeton eWallet online casino is an online payment service created by the international payment system Jeton (country of registration – United Kingdom). Thanks to E-wallets, you can make fast, secure transactions on the Internet. Transfers work all over the planet – from Curacao to Alaska. 

Jeton eWallet Online Casino

For the first time, people started talking about Jeton in 2017. This is a relatively young financial system, which is actively used by players in the US and some European countries. There are about a dozen reviews about the “Jeton wallet” in the Russian-speaking space. With us, he is just beginning to win over an audience. Some users write that it needs to be optimized for the CIS market. However, even if we close our eyes to the lack of Russian-language support, the possibilities of Jeton Wallet look very impressive. They will be discussed in the next section of the article.

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Benefits of Jeton eWallet Online Casino Players

Let’s start with the fact that this payment system is actively used not only by individuals but also by entrepreneurs. Creating a business account opens the door to the world of financial transactions without limits. For example, business owners use a multi-currency wallet to receive payments from customers anywhere in the world. Merchant “Token” is considered convenient, profitable with regular use.

Now let’s look at the main reasons to choose Jeton for online casino transactions:

  • Support for 40+ currencies and the list is constantly growing.
  • You can use the services of the payment service in 180+ countries.
  • Almost all financial transactions are free, do not require additional investments. The player will not be charged for registering and opening a wallet, some money transfers.
  • Online support works clearly and smoothly. You can write to them both at 8 am and at 2 am – they will answer immediately. True, there are still problems with the Russian language, but you can use a translator and understand the meaning of the message.
  • Every month, owners of the Jeton Wallet e-wallet can take part in interesting promotions and take advantage of personal bonus offers. And this is not just a “lure” from Jeton, but a real reward for being active. And, it is worth noting, very profitable.
  • Not every electronic payment system has its own mobile application. And Jeton Wallet has two of them – for iOS and for Android. To download the working program for a smartphone, go to the official website of Jeton.
  • The wallet is optimized for the safe purchase of goods on any, including foreign sites. Also, with its help, it is convenient to replenish the account on the cryptocurrency exchange, in poker rooms, online casinos.

As you can see, Jeton Wallet has many strengths. Against the background of competitors who have been operating in the financial market for 10-15 years, it looks very worthy.

Jeton eWallet Online Casino

Step-by-step registration scheme in Jeton Wallet

To become a Jeton Wallet user, you only need 5 minutes of free time:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Select Russian in the corner on the right. When the “Register” button appears, click on it.
  3. Fill out the registration form. Here everything is simplified to the maximum. They indicated the mobile number, email, came up with a password – and you can move on.
  4. An SMS message will be sent to your mobile number to confirm your registration. Enter the code in the special field for activation.

Congratulations – you have successfully registered in the Jeton system! You can now sign in to your account by entering your username and password.

Do I need to go through additional account verification? After registration, you can replenish your wallet, make other payments. But if you want to withdraw money from a card, you can’t do it without verification.

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Replenishment of Jeton Wallet – popular methods

We figured out the registration, now it’s time to make the first deposit. There are many ways to replenish, choose the most convenient for you:

  • Bankcard. Currently, the payment system only supports Visa cards. It is possible that support will appear in the near future
  • Bank transaction. Please note that online banking does not work in all countries. You can check the possibility of replenishment for your region in the support service.
  • Jeton Card (on the network you can find the names “Token Card”, Jeton Voucher). A prepaid card that already has a certain amount. Use this voucher to top up your wallet. It is also suitable for conducting financial transactions on sites that support Token.

Transferring money from one Jeton Wallet to another is even easier. Log in to your personal account, select “Send Money” and enter the recipient’s ID. The sender’s account must be verified! To receive money, you need to go to your account, select a new transaction, click “Accept”. And if you activate the automatic receipt of transfers, you don’t even have to click anything.

 Withdrawals from Jeton eWallet Online Casino

If a certain amount has accumulated on the wallet, it can be withdrawn using:

  • Jeton Voucher. That is, you simply create a Voucher Token of the required denomination (for example, 200 USD). And then you sell it to any user.
  • bank transfer. It is possible to withdraw money from the card. The money will come within a day.

Funding an account in an online casino using the Jeton system

The first thing a player should do when making a deposit using this method is to check its availability. Go to the online casino website, open the “Finance” section. Here you need to find the logo with the image of Jeton. If it is, the gambling club supports this wallet. If not, you will have to use another payment method. Or change casinos.

Jeton eWallet Online Casino

To top up using Jeton Wallet, select it from the list, enter the required data and go through the authorization procedure. You will also need to specify the amount of replenishment. The translation is carried out in real-time, without long waiting times and delays. No need to top up your account early in the morning to play your favorite slots in the evening. If you want to make a bet, you go to the casino website, replenish your account, play for money.

2 myths about the Jeton system that should be dispelled long ago

Despite the positive reputation and a number of advantages, some users treat Jeton Wallet with caution and distrust. Let’s try to dispel the two main concerns that gamblers have when looking for new financial instruments for online casinos.

Myth 1. The payment system is new and cannot be trusted.

Online casino players put off using the payment method until better times because of its novelty. However, new does not mean bad. Some see this as instability, while others see it as a modern approach to services and transactions. The Jeton payment system uses the latest developments in the field of online payments, devotes a lot of time to the issue of security, improving the overall stability of the service. Therefore, gamblers (both beginners and experienced players) definitely have nothing to worry about.

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Myth 2. The check is too long. I’m afraid that I will be deceived

This myth is due to the fact that during registration, the accounts of some users undergo additional verification. Indeed, the process can take several days. But not at all because they want to deceive the gambler or use his personal data.

The company conducts numerous checks, as it cares about the safety of its customers and wants to meet international standards. In simple words, Jeton operates on the principle of “Know your customer – and everyone will be satisfied.” This is just a matter of enhanced user protection against identity theft, nothing more.


Jeton Wallet is a modern online wallet that offers affordable financial solutions for gamblers, buyers, sellers on the Internet. It is great for online transactions, it offers fast, secure processing of various payments. The Jeton system works with many currencies of the world and is represented in almost all countries. The client can direct their request to the responsive support team – the answer will come within a few minutes.

Of the positive aspects, it is worth noting full support for the VISA card, free account opening, a high degree of security, and the ability to buy a Jeton Voucher prepaid currency card. The payment voucher is applicable to all platforms that support payments with Jeton Card. If desired, a gambler can deposit cryptocurrency into the Jeton system, and then use it to make a deposit in an online casino. Jeton Wallet is a relatively young payment system that has managed to establish itself on the positive side. We recommend it to anyone who wants to play safely and profitably without worrying about their money.

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