eWallet online casinos 2022

What are eWallet online casinos? eWallet casinos are platforms where you can use eWallet payment methods such as NETELLER or Skrill.

eWallet Online Casinos

eWallets are one of the most popular online casino payment methods today.

Therefore they are already a kind of standard; the provision of the most important eWallets has long become part of the expectations of many casino fans. There are almost no online casinos without eWallets anymore. Online casinos with eWallet owe their great popularity to the many clear advantages that I describe in this article. But there are also some disadvantages, which I will not withhold from you either.

So, how do eWallet deposits and withdrawals work at online casinos? First of all, let’s look at the basic principle of these payment methods. Not all eWallets strictly follow the pattern I am about to describe, but most do it in one way or another.

eWallets, i.e. electronic purses, are exactly what the name suggests: the services allow you to store money electronically or digitally. This usually happens on an online account.

Before you can use such an eWallet, you have to register with the respective provider. This usually means significantly less work than registering a new bank account or credit card. It is often sufficient to store some standard data and quick verification.

eWallet online casinos

If you want to link a bank account or credit card to your eWallet, you need to verify those channels as well. This brings us to the concrete use of the eWallet.

To be able to make transactions in eWallet online casinos, your electronic wallet must either have a balance or be able to draw it directly from a bank account or via a credit card.

In the first case, you load your eWallet with a certain amount and can then deposit this credit in the online casino. Alternatively, automatic booking is possible with some e-wallets – here the electronic wallet takes exactly the amount that you want to deposit in the casino from the bank account and transmits it to the gaming platform.

Withdrawals usually go first to the eWallet, which then transfers the winnings to your bank account. Based on these facts, it is now relatively easy to explain how you pay and payout with eWallet in online casinos.